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VitaOdyssey about wellness programs

About VitaOdyssey – Bring balance & wellness to life

Wellness programs offer tremendous benefits to individual employees and to entire organizations. They help boost morale, overall health, and productivity which all have a proven positive impact on the bottom line.

Dr. Monica Vermani brings 25 years of expertise to her corporate wellness programs, designed to restore equilibrium to any organization and any set of circumstances. She has seen that everyone has the capacity to live in personal peace, health, empowerment, prosperity, happiness and authenticity, and this extends to professional relationships as well.

VitaOdyssey approaches optimal health by addressing holistically the many aspects of our lives. Not just work. Every part effects the whole.

Vision, Values & Mandate

To promote a culture that values health (mental and physical) and, when necessary, supports recovery.

  • Our ‘Let’s Start Living’ wellness programs are founded on personal-responsibility, self-help, equality, solidarity, and democracy.
  • Those living with mental health issues should be treated with dignity and fairness.
  • To increase health and well-being in the workplace and in society.
  • To raise awareness of the costs resulting from poor mental health and to make treatment easily available.
  • To encourage corporations and service providers to raise awareness and provide treatment options.
  • To expose the outrageous costs associated with mental health issues
  • To continuously measure the impact that effective treatments have on personal and professional productivity