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Wellness is the urge for Simplicity

Wellness is a concept that has permeated medicine, psychiatry, and counseling in the past thirty years. We hear about the wellness industry, health & wellness, well-being, mindfulness, wholeness, mind/body… These concepts have their origin in holistic medicine, midwifery and Eastern philosophy. Generally speaking, the Wellness Industry is based on the idea of bringing people into [...]

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Exercise is Medicine

Vitamins are like exercise: you miss ‘em only when you stop doing it. Next thing you know, you’re feeling rundown, unable to sleep, chocolate takes on new meaning… A good vitamin will keep you from coming down with that stress-cold but nothing beats stress itself like a good workout! Because when it comes to stress, [...]

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Long-term effects of Marijuana Acceptance

It used to be that marijuana was a bad thing, a society ill, and those who used it would inevitably ‘go to pot.’ We were cautioned in school, the government waged its War on Drugs, and many went to jail for simply possessing a joint. So what happened? One day, the term ‘medical marijuana’ entered [...]

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