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VitaOdyssey Let's Start Living!

Let’s Start Living! Online

VitaOdyssey offers Let’s Start Living! Online courses that are mini refreshers of our seminars and workshops, aimed at those wanting to reflect more later, or in a private setting, on their own time, etc.

Once again, you choose the topic and receive personalized care according to your unique situation. All inquiries are confidential.

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Let’s Start Living! Sample Course Videos

Please note that pricing is unique to the program you choose to enroll in. Contact us for customized pricing.

These health and wellness programs do not replace therapy. They are designed to bring forth awareness on concerns we have and work on starting to alleviate symptoms. For some they will bring the insight one may need to address issues professionally and seek help in the community.

You will also gain access to homework exercises, study handouts, and refresher courses on:

  1. Health & Well-Being
  2. Stress Reduction & Self-Compassion
  3. Mental Health Financing
  4. Mental Health & Substance Abuse
  5. Stress Reduction & Quality of Sleep
  6. Building Resilience in Social Workers

We offer detailed online courses in:

  1. Managing Anxiety
  2. Mental Illness in the Workplace
  3. Preventing Burnout
  4. Team Building
  5. Workplace Relations/Communications
  6. Bullying in the Workplace
  7. Conflict Resolution Skills
  8. Multicultural Awareness
  9. Balancing Career and Family Lives
  10. Dealing with Difficult Employees
  11. Taking Control of your Career
  12. Coping with Organizational Changes
  13. Avoiding and Handling Sexual Harassment
  14. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

 Training Courses – Workshops/Retreats:

  1. Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention Training
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Healthy Living, Stress Management & Self-Care
  4. Creating Balance in your Life
  5. Crisis Response Training

Online courses may be purchased by the company or by the individual. This is a helpful add-on feature but is not mandatory. Group packages are available.