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This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to the “VitaOdessey, Let’s Start Living” (the “Website”), owned and operated by VitaOdessey, Let’s Start Living (VO,LSL) (or “we”, “us”, “our”, “VO, LSL”). The Policy describes the collection, use and disclosure of “Personal Information,” information that identifies an individual, of users of the Website (“Website users,” “you,” “your”).

This Policy may be revised from time to time in response to changes in the operation of the Website or applicable law. The date on which the Policy was last revised appears at the top of the Policy for your ease of reference. Please check the date and be sure to review the Policy if it has been updated since you last used the Website. By using the Website, you are agreeing to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information in accordance with this Policy.


You must register and open an account to use the Website. Registration permits VO, LSL to authenticate and to protect the Personal Information and privacy of users of the Website. The registration screen will prompt you to provide information that includes your email address, your age range, your gender, age and gender of child, your relation to the child and postal code, and to create a password. You will also be asked for your first and last name, however, YOU MAY USE PSEUDONYMS OR NICK NAMES RATHER THAN YOUR NAME, IF YOU PREFER. The information you provide to register and open an account may be Personal Information (for example, if your name is part of your email address or you choose to register with your name as opposed to a pseudonym). The following assumes that some or all of the registration information you provide is Personal Information and that accordingly, some or all of the information you provide in the course of using the Website will also be Personal Information.


VO, LSL collects personally identifiable information such as names, postal codes, addresses, emails, and so on, that are voluntarily submitted by visitors like you. The information you provide and that is collected is used to fulfill your specific request.


VO, LSL collects Personal Information to authenticate you and give you access to the Website, to provide you with information on mental health, based on your use of the Website, to provide you with updates and communications about the Website, if you have checked off the “Please email me” box when you register and create your user account. VO, LSL also uses aggregate data, created by removing identifiers from Personal Information created or collected in the course of using the Website, for research into the efficacy of knowledge dissemination for mental health information and services. Gender, age range, and postal codes are collected for research that looks at how those factors (gender, age, and the area in which individuals live) affect the efficacy of knowledge dissemination for mental health information and services, if at all. For clarity, IDENTIFIERS SUCH AS NAMES AND EMAIL ADDRESSES ARE REMOVED BEFORE ANY INFORMATION COLLECTED OR CREATED THROUGH THE USE OF THE WEBSITE IS USED FOR RESEARCH.

If you have any questions about the use of information you create or collected in the course of using the Website, please contact us by one of the means indicated at the bottom of the Policy.

VO, LSL employs external service providers, including providers of information technology and media services, to assist it with certain aspects of establishing, operating, and analyzing information generated by and for the Website. VO, LSL restricts service providers to only accessing and using Personal Information of Website users to the extent required to provide their services and imposes security and other requirements designed to protect Personal Information.

VO, LSL may disclose Personal Information where it is required to do so by law, for example, in connection with law enforcement activities. LSL will not disclose Personal Information collected through the use of the Website to insurance companies, employers, educational institutions or any individual other than the user to whom the information relates and/or an authorized representative of that user.

You may decide to terminate your use of the Website and if you do, VO, LSL will permanently delete the information you have created or collected through your use of the Website within about 10 days from the day on which you deactivate your account. Instructions on how to deactivate your account are provided on the Website. The aggregate information created by pooling information you created or collected, that does not contain information that identifies you, belongs to VO, LSL and VO. LSL will continue to have the right to use and disclose such aggregate information for the research purposes described above and other purposes that VO, LSL deems appropriate in the furtherance of its work after your account is deactivated.


VO, LSL has taken steps to protect Personal Information created or collected through the use of the Website, which include carefully choosing its service providers, limiting their access and that of VO, LSL‘s employees to Personal Information and technological means such as the use of passwords to authenticate users.


Except in limited circumstances, established under the law, you may access and request that VO, LSL correct any of your Personal Information stored in the database. Please note that as there is no guarantee that the Website will always be available while in operation, or will continue to operate, you may want to print a copy of any information you would like to retain in connection with your use of the Website before logging out.

You may also obtain more information about our privacy practices, or request that we review our management of your Personal Information, by contacting us in writing using one of the means set out below.


Please note that when you access other websites via links, such as in the Resource section from the Website, this Policy will no longer govern the use of your Personal Information. Please read the privacy policy of any linked website prior to deciding whether to provide your Personal Information to its operator. VO, LSL will not be responsible for the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Information by any external website. You use such websites at your discretion and risk.