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VitaOdyssey programs


Please note that pricing is unique to the program you choose to enroll in. Contact us for customized pricing.

These health and wellness programs do not replace therapy. They are designed to bring forth awareness on concerns we have and work on starting to alleviate symptoms. For some they will bring the insight one may need to address issues professionally and seek help in the community.

Lunch & Learn

Let’s Start Living is about erasing the stigma surrounding mental health through education and open dialogue. To facilitate this process, we offer our popular Lunch & Learn sessions, hosted by professional instructors. We also customize these sessions to suit your needs.

The benefits to you:

  • An opportunity for staff to openly discuss mental health issues in the workplace
  • Open channels of communication between management and staff
  • Inspire future conversations that develop team cohesion

Lunch & Learn topics include:

  • Intro to Health & Well-Being

Stress Reduction & Self-Compassion

Mental Health Financing

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services

Stress Reduction & Quality of Sleep

Building Resilience in Social Workers


Seminars are up to two hours in length and led by one of our professional facilitators. We discuss:

Managing Anxiety

Mental Illness in the Workplace

Preventing Burnout

Team Building

Workplace Relations/Communications

Bullying in the Workplace

Conflict Resolution Skills

Multicultural Awareness

Balancing Career and Family Lives

Dealing with Difficult Employees

Taking Control of your Career

Coping with Organizational Changes

Avoiding and Handling Sexual Harassment

Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Please contact us for more info. Seminars are not meant to replace personal diagnosis and treatment.