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What our clients say about Dr. Vermani and how she changed their life:

“For years I had been sexually harassed, sexually assaulted, watched corruption, intimidated, bullied, reprisals, from people who were my bosses in positions of power. I was terrified to speak to anyone, fearful that I would not be believed or put my life at risk by speaking the truth. I was at a time in my life where I needed help and didn’t know where to turn and at the same time I had a hard time accepting that this trauma had affected me. I was and am a police officer, I had no one to turn to for my safety, I was suppose to have all the answers to fix problems and when I met Doctor Vermani she allowed me to breath again. She allowed me to take back my life. The peaceful, kind, loving person I was before years of trauma had turned me numb.”

“I had my first appointment with Doctor Vermani when I was at a point in my life where I had lost complete faith in trusting to talk to anyone and from the moment I met her she in an instant gained my trust and respect through love and compassion.”

“It was from that day forward I started my healing journey with weekly appointments, for years now. She goes above and beyond her call of duty. Always ensuring I am safe and in a good place.”

“I was very skeptical of speaking to a Psychologist as in my field of work it would send a stigma, I will be and was shunned by all. I would be losing everything I had worked for in 10 years. It was Doctor Vermani that held me up when I could not stand and instilled faith in the world again that there are people like her out there who truly care to help beyond what is required of them. She took the burden off of me and allowed me to heal at my own pace. This took the burden off of my loved ones. Even through all the ups and downs of healing through trauma she was there every single step of the way. She does not let you feel alone.”

“She has relentless passion for helping me get my life back to a safe place where I can manage not only my trauma but anything that life brings to me where I am needing support or advice.”

“She is the truest form of what human beings were meant to be. Without Doctor Vermani I truly do not know if I would be here today. She has always kept her professionalism but gave it with the outmost love and respect for individual needs. Her support has allowed me to grow as a person further than I could have ever imagined as my trauma had stop the growth of my heart and soul.”

“Even though healing is a long journey to which I am still continuing hard to battle, her strength day in and day out has kept me getting through everyday knowing I have one person who will never lead me down a path where it is dark again and who will continue to allow me to grow not only for myself but so that my family can now enjoy the person I was again. She has allowed me to accept the trauma in such a way that brings peace to me even though I lost a career that affected all aspects of my life.”

“Doctor Vermani resilient efforts for compassion and passion for others to heal and live their best life has saved my life and others lives and she does it with ease as not only it is her career but her way of life. She gives you positive tools and outlets to get though anything in life and is a light white getting through the dark paths in life.”

“Dr. Vermani has been a blessing in my life and with anything she does she gives her all so that you benefit from all her experiences in life, the same way she has.

Thank you Dr. Vermani for allowing others to gain their life back through your amazing work.” – HM

“I first met with Dr. Vermani in February 2014. I had been feeling that my life was ‘empty’ and that something was missing. I had gone to see my family doctor a month earlier and was given a prescription for a low dose of an anti-depressant. Dr. Vermani was very supportive and helped me to realize that I was not over-reacting but was hearing my inner voice cry for help.”

“Dr. Vermani has been instrumental in my recovery. Initially, I was focussing on the superficial causes of my feelings of depression. I thought that work-related issues that I was dealing with were the cause of my feeling so sad all of the time. Dr. Vermani patiently worked with me to break down my walls of denial to realize that I was not living my authentic life. She observed early on in my work with her that I had a tendency to hide my pain behind a smile and laugh regularly to avoid dealing with the hurt I felt inside.”

“Dr. Vermani recommended that I take a leave of absence from work early on in my sessions with her. I initially resisted her suggestion feeling I could handle working on my recovery and still work full time as a grade 1 teacher. A month later, I felt so overwhelmed by all of the aspects of my life that I was juggling that I finally agreed to take some time off work to focus on self-care and begin the process of trying to heal. Dr. Vermani has a wonderful way of telling you her recommendations, but then allowing you the time to process her suggestions and decide if you would like to follow them. Throughout my journey to getting better, Dr. Vermani patiently waited for me to realize that her analysis of my situation was accurate, but that my denial was preventing me from seeing it.”

“I was living a compartmentalized life when I began working with Dr. Vermani. Denial was a huge part of my ability to function on a very superficial level. I kept having a nagging feeling that something was wrong but was unsure what it was. As Dr. Vermani helped me to peel away my layers of denial using a variety of cognitive behavioural techniques including writing journals at home between sessions, I realized how I was just going through the motions of life, but not really enjoying or even living life deeply.  I wish I could say that my journey was a simple one and that once I could recognize the base cause for my problems (i.e., not living an authentic life) that things would improve. But my recovery has been a journey of highs and lows. The worst part was when my anxiety paralyzed me into becoming a recluse of sorts. I withdrew from participating in social events, and everyday errands outside of my home were overwhelming and filled with fear and dread. Dr. Vermani was instrumental in helping me to overcome my anxiety. She helped me to do a number or visualizations tasks to help me out of the deep dark hole my depression had turned my life into. She gave me hope, when I thought that there was no way out and she even guided me in realizing that recovery is filled with setbacks. There were many successes, but it was in those darkest moments that Dr. Vermani’s assistance was most appreciated and effective. I strongly believe that without Dr. Vermani to guide me, I would still be feeling that life was not worth living and that everything was hopeless.”

“To help me overcome my social anxiety, Dr. Vermani would do exposure sessions with me to help me develop my confidence and alleviate my irrational fears. Although I cognitively knew that my fears and worries were unsubstantiated, my emotional state prevented me from functioning for much of the time. Dr. Vermani accompanied me to restorative yoga classes, in the hopes I would enjoy the class and want to return by myself in the near future. Even though I struggled to go back to the class by myself, Dr. Vermani didn’t make me feel as though I had failed once again. She patiently told me that when the time is right I will go to the class myself. When I shared with her that the crowds at a local farmer’s market were too overwhelming for me and caused me to have panic attacks, she arranged to meet me one busy Saturday morning to see what was triggering my panic attacks, so she could help me develop strategies to alleviate it. Following our exposure sessions, Dr. Vermani would take the time to debrief with me and ask me how I felt about our trip out in the world. She would then offer suggestions to facilitate my going out into the world by myself.”

“Dr. Vermani has strong connections with the community and is well-versed in the different holistic treatment methodologies that exist. She recommended I go to see an acupuncturist to help me deal with my lack of energy and feelings of depression. I found the treatments with the acupuncturist very helpful and continue to this day to seek out his help whenever I am feeling out of sorts. She also referred me to a family doctor who was instrumental in providing a referral for a psychiatrist. One thing I have learned from this journey with depression and anxiety is that you cannot handle it alone and that the more resources you have at your disposal the better chances you have for a healthy recovery.”

“Dr. Vermani has given me many tools to deal with my depression and has also helped to recognize some of the triggers I may have for my anxiety. I am still in the recovery phase of my journey but I feel that because of Dr. Vermani’s help I can deal with the ups and downs of the journey ahead.” – SN

“In the spring of 2015, we suddenly lost our son from an accidental drug overdose. Losing any family member is a heartbreaking experience, but to lose a child is unthinkable and something no parent should have to experience.  Knowing we needed some kind of assistance to help us process what had happened to our family, but not knowing where to turn, we were fortunate enough to have our family practitioner recommend Dr. Vermani.”

“We were anxious about seeing someone as neither of us had any experience with mental health practitioners.  However, Dr. Vermani possesses this serenity about her that immediately put us both at ease.  Her ability to explain, in understandable terms, what is going on with you both psychologically and physically when trauma and grief happen, really allowed us to open up to her and further explore how this unthinkable event was affecting each of us.”

“She also has this uncanny way of being able to read people so well that you immediately feel like you’ve known her your whole life.  She makes sharing your thoughts with her very easy and she instills a real sense of doctor/patient trust.  Armed both with practical tools for coping and an ability to find peace we became much better people for having found such a remarkable healer.  We could not have asked for a better practitioner to assist us in our most darkest days.  I highly recommend Dr. Vermani to anyone seeking assistance with any mental health concerns.  If you are willing to do the work, she will certainly get you there with warmth and compassion” – MB

“I began seeing Dr. Vermani in 2013, when I became aware of the impact anxiety was playing in my day-to-day life and mood, due to a personal relationship. What began as a simple Google search about anxiety triggers and treatment in Toronto, has led to three years of self-improvement and consciousness, due largely to the support and treatment received from Dr. Vermani. Not only have I learned to cope and thrive through my anxieties, I have become exposed to mindfulness, cognitive therapy, and boundary setting, which have resulted in a healthy sense of self-respect. Dr. Vermani’s approach encompasses Western and Eastern practices. Often I find myself repeating her analogy of life being a set of scenes, a ‘movie’ that you must let pass you by. I have recommended friends and colleagues to her practice, and will continue to do so.” – AS

“I met Dr. Vermani in the fall of 2009 in Toronto. I had been battling depression, anxiety, and eating disorders for several years, and was trying to adjust to recently moving to Toronto. I first met Monica for group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and went on to see her for individual sessions. It is difficult to find words to describe how much Monica has helped me over the years. After our first session, I knew that I could trust and rely on her to work with me. Her direct and frank approach to therapy was exactly what I needed. It has not been easy, but through all the tears and ups and downs, she has remained a constant support in my life. She keeps me honest in completing self-care, thought-records, and many other exercises to enable me to reach personal goals.”

“Seven years later and now living in Calgary, I still have Skype sessions regularly with Monica. I look forward to these sessions and always feel calmer after speaking with her about my anxieties/concerns. She has given me the tools to keep improving and striving to be the best version of myself possible. I am now able to confidently shout to the world, “I am an intelligent, loving, beautiful, active, and compassionate young woman. Thank you, Monica!” – SB

“Before I started working with Dr. Vermani, I was in a very dark place. I was living with constant anxiety, with extreme mood swings that would leave me depressed for months on end.”

“From the first moment I walked into her office, that started changing. We did talk therapy and CBT. She has taught me proper self-care and how to deal with stressful situations and negative thoughts. I have lost weight, quit drugs and alcohol, and am able to maintain a full-time job.”

“She gave me the tools to better myself and I am so grateful for the work we have done together. Because of Dr. Vermani I am healthy, happy, and living a full life.” – TS

“I have been a client of Dr. Monica Vermani for the past three years. I started to see her when I was going through a period of anxiety that had a major impact on my life. This was my first experience with anxiety and seeing a professional for therapy.”

“I found Dr. Vermani to be a knowledgeable, caring therapist. She took a genuine interest in me as a person and was always respectful of my feelings and concerns. She used a combination of factual information, practical strategies, positive reinforcement, and gentle nudges to help me learn to reduce and manage my anticipatory anxiety. While the therapy was based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, she used a holistic approach, exploring the role of exercise, nutrition, social interactions, and other aspects of wellness. This was very helpful.”

“I appreciated that Dr. Vermani was comfortable, including my wife as part of my support team. She paid attention to Ann’s observations and we worked together to identify areas that needed special focus and reinforcement.

With the help of Dr. Vermani, I have learned to recognize when I am starting to feel anxious and how to handle it. I no longer see her on a regular basis and we know she is always accessible if we feel it would be helpful to check out something with her. We are truly grateful for the healing she provides.” – MB & AB

“When I started seeing Dr. Vermani, I was in a significantly low point and experiencing psychosis. I was no longer safe living on my own and had developed agoraphobia.  Dr. Vermani worked with me and helped me to build an ongoing supportive treatment plan and helped me to access psychiatric services within a month when I was given an almost 4 month wait at CAMH.  Dr. Vermani provided the support, encouragement and structure for me to be able to open up and disclose trauma, and pushed me to develop healthy thoughts and behaviours that support my well-being. Dr. Vermani was also able to work with my family to get them to understand my issues and commit to a support plan that fostered compassion and community. I can say that without a doubt I would not be alive today without the help of Dr. Vermani and I never would have taken chances to realize my dreams without her. As someone who has been involved with the mental health system for a number of years, Dr. Vermani is the most passionate, committed, and respectful service provider I have ever worked with and anyone would be lucky to work with her or access her services.” – DS

“My daughter has been suffering with depression and anxiety for many years. Her anxiety was so bad that my daughter wouldn’t go out on her own. She was agoraphobic and housebound for years. Dr. Vermani has helped her tremendously, that now Nicole has been slowly intergrading herself back into society.  She is stable with her mood, anxiety, and anger and is now going back to school and riding the TTC on her own.  We see our daughter flourish and slowly return as she battles severe mood and anxiety disorders.  We are so grateful for all Dr. Vermani has done for our daughter.” – ZS

“Monica Vermani has helped me treat a very debilitating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder condition I have had for 45 years of my life. She has worked with me to eliminate one of two phobias in about a year. That was remarkable! I am gradually making progress on the second phobia and optimistic of achieving this.

She is very supportive, understanding, kind, and has a sense of humour to lighten difficult topics we discuss.” – MK